Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shenandoah Coal Miner Sent To State Convention


Note the boots, the soft cap with an electric lamp, and the Kohler safety lamp.

Just found this great picture and story in the May 23, 1930 issue of the Pottsville Journal. It deals with the sending of a coal miner to the Pennsylvania Retail Coal Merchants Association convention in Wilmington, Delaware.


Howard Adams, of 302 South Jarden St., Shenandoah, chosen by the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company as an outstanding and representative coal miner of Reading Anthracite, left today for Wilmington, Del. Where he will attend the convention during the remainder of the week. Mr. Adams will wear his mining clothes and will explain to the coal merchants and the general public attending the exhibit the highly skilled profession in which he is engaged and the many careful preparations, cleanings and washings which are given to anthracite before it reaches the market.
Mr. Adams was born in Llewellyn, Schuylkill County, on March 31, 1899, the son of Mr. And Mrs. Levi Adams. He attended the public schools in Llewellyn and began work in the collieries in 1916, starting as a breaker boy in the P&R Phoenix Park operation. He was promoted steadily to better positions, serving successively as outside and inside laborer, miner, assistant Foreman and traveling foreman in the Mahanoy Division. He is now the inside foreman at the Shenandoah City Mine. Mr. Adams is a graduate of the night mining school Shenandoah.

Note: the night mining school was a P& R program to give the miners who wanted it an education.

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