Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Schuylkill County Ghost Story

The Mahanoy Plane Ghost
Found this story in the Miners Journal, July 28, 1891. I wonder who this is, sort of sounds like a summertime Ghost of Marley? Weird though!
Or it could be emenating from the old Bear Ridge Colliery!

A Schuylkill County Ghost Story

A house occupied by a railroader named Reichelderfer at Mahanoy Plane is haunted, and has driven its tenant from the building. The sights the members of the family claim to have seen during their residence in the house are calculated to make the flesh crawl. They say the nightly revels commence at about the hour when the church yards yawn and graves give up their dead, at which hour there emanates from the cellar a series of unearthly groans and wails, after which there is silence followed by the sounds of ghostly footfalls slowly climbing the cellar stairs and passing along the hallway. Then they proceed upstairs to the attic, accompanied all the way by a clanking as of rusty chains dragged across the floor in the attic.
The soul harrowing groans are renewed with an occasional interlude of demoniac laughter that would freeze the blood of the bravest man. This is followed by a sound of muffled sobs and wails and then the foot falls are heard again coming down, and passing from room to room, finally reaching the cellar, where the performance ends with a series of hair curling sounds too horrible for description.

Pottsville Miners Journal July 28, 1891.

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