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The Miners Handbook For 1927 What every miner should know for his own safety.

Found this interesting item in a old fold out for 1927.

Miners Handbook

What every miner should know for his own safety.
The foreman at all collieries are supplied, weekly, with a list of men out of work. from these lists, and the approval of the superintendent, they fill vacancies.
The list will be sent to each of the foreman.
Of course the foreman likes to know the men whose names he is sending in, so it is a good plan, when you are out of work, to make yourself known at the collieries where you would like to work. This does not mean you should keep on calling.
When you get a job stick with it until better one turns up. It is a mistake to think that the company owes me a living. The company must select men who are able to do the work.
Getting a House.
The company has a certain number of houses which are rented from one month to month.
Unfortunately there are not enough company houses for all those who wish them. ITS ALMOST ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A HOUSE ON SHORT NOTICE.
In assigning houses the company has to take many things into consideration. In doing so, it has its own interest to consider. as well as those of its employees.
The company does not build houses to make money. It does not expect to make anything more than a small return on its investment, and it spends a large part of the money received from rentals to improve the houses it now has.
When you get a company house it is expected that you will see that it is properly taken care of. By doing so you are helping the company to maintain rents at a low level. Make application for houses and complaints about the services at the office of real estate.
Becoming an American
No one can hope to get far in this country unless he knows how to read and speak the English language.
The company can conduct classes at night school, which runs during the winter months.
Don’t criticize the company behind its back. It is anxious to know your troubles so that it may take the trouble to straighten them out.
The agreement with the company absolutely forbids local strikes and any worker who talks about “Shutting the Mines is talking about breaking the contract. Any workers who use this method of getting results act in bad faith.
The pay car visits the colliery twice each month and payment is made in cash.
When the company prospers the mine worker prospers.
From the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company.

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