Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For the Coal Region History Buff a new and interesting book is out written by Mr. Jay Luke, It is entitled “When Coal Was Queen” by Tribute Books this book tells the story of Olyphant, Pennsylvania a town that was built upon the Anthracite Coal Industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The book is a collection of fascinating stories about the people, the various fire companies, the life and times of the people who worked in and about the mines and especially the coal miners from the area. Also included is a look at some of the interesting and notable personages of the town of Olyphant, Pa. And what interested me is the well researched history of coal mining in the region.
The author Jay Luke is a musician and artist he has complied an interesting well researched history of Olyphant. Jay is a graduate of Marywood University, and works as a graphic artist. His interests in history and the arts is well represented in this great book.

The book can be purchased at Amazon.Com
When Coal Was Queen: The History of the Queen City - Olyphant, Pennsylvania (Paperback)
by Jay Luke (Compiler), III Stephen Klem (Compiler), Steve Lichak (Compiler)

List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.95


Nicole Langan said...

Thank you Stu for helping get the word out about this book.

Anonymous said...

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